New Publication on Young Immigrants’ Host Country Identification and their Friendships with Natives

My article “Young immigrants’ host country identification and their friendships with natives: Does relative group size matter?” is now available at Social Science Research. Click here to read the paper.

In short,  I argue that immigrants’ host country identification only affects their own friendship choices in schools with high shares of immigrants, because only in those schools they can be picky about befriending natives. Stochastic actor-oriented models support this notion, pointing to an interplay of preferences and opportunities in shaping the relation between host country identification and interethnic friendships.


New Publication on Gender Differences in Selection and Influence Effects in Academic Achievement

Our article “Selection and influence processes in academic achievement—More pronounced for girls?” is now available at Social Networks. Click here to read the paper, which is co-authored by David Kretschmer and Sebastian Pink.

In short, in line with theoretical arguments, we find selection effects on academic achievement only among girls. By contrast, influence effects contribute to achievement similarity among both boys and girls.

New Publication on Ethnic Differences in Friendship Preferences and Social Influence Regarding Academic Achievement

Our article “Are there differences in ethnic majority and minority adolescents’ friendships preferences and social influence with regard to their academic achievement?” is now available at Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft. Click here to read the paper, which is co-authored by Tobias Stark and Sebastian Pink.

Dissertation Prize & Research Award

I am honored to report that my dissertation has been awarded with the Lorenz-von-Stein prize. The prize is awarded each year by the Lorenz-von-Stein Foundation for the best dissertation in Political Sciences, Social Psychology, and Sociology at the University of Mannheim. Here’s the press release (in German), and below is a picture of me smiling.


I am also very happy to have received this year’s research award of the Prof. Dr. Anna und Prof. Dr. Jörg Jiri Bojanovsky Foundation. The foundation supports the empirical research of young scientists in the field of social, inter-individual, or cultural processes. I received the award for our article in which Tobias Stark, Andreas Flache, Anke Munniksma and I disentangle the relation between young immigrants’ host country identification and their friendships with natives.

Organized Session at EUSN 2017 on “Social Networks and Intergroup Relations”

Together with Clemens Kroneberg and Hanno Kruse I’ll host a session on Social Networks and Intergroup Relations at the 3rd European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN). The conference will be held in Mainz, at Johannes Gutenberg-University, September 26 to 29, 2017.

If you’re interested in presenting, please submit your abstract until March 31. Here’s the call for paper.

New (MZES) Working Paper on Collecting Network Panel Data

Interested in collecting network panel data in schools? Our new MZES working paper offers  some practical guidance based on the experiences gained in three projects collecting longitudinal social network data in different samples of German schools.

The three projects are Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries (CILS4EU), Friendship and Identity in School (FIS), and Friendship and Violence in Adolescence (FVA).